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Your County Collector, James W. Otey
Welcome to the Newton County Collector's on line payment and tax look-up website. Newton County Collector James W. (Jim) Otey was sworn into office March 3, 2003, and is serving his third four year term in office.

Jim came to office with the promise of placing an increased emphasis on customer service and the creation of this website is the latest step towards that goal. Also, his office has created a one page tax information guide provided to area title companies to explain the tax process to new home owners. A more in depth version was created and is available free of charge at the counter.

In an effort to increase collection efficiency, Jim has led the way to an increase in technology through computerized check-outs, automated payments, and with the creation of this site the ability to obtain your tax amounts and pay your taxes online.

Jim and his staff are responsible for the collection of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes, Merchant Licenses, and the collection of Railroad and Utility taxes.

Each month the Collector's office deposits collections into the county treasury for disbursement to tax entities such as schools, libraries, ambulance and fire districts, and special road districts among others. In 2010 more than 30 million dollars in taxes were collected by Jim and his staff.

Jim and his staff are also responsible for conducting the delinquent real estate tax auction held the fourth Monday of every August. Since August of 2003 more than 120 parcels have been offered at auction with 80 being returned to the tax rolls.

Jim and his staff conduct the day to day operations of the office as required by Missouri statutes.

Jim hopes you find this site both informative and useful and your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Office Information
Assessment forms for Personal Property tax are mailed by the Assessor's office in January and due by March 1st. Tax bills are based on those forms and mailed to residents November 1st. Bills become delinquent as of midnight December 31st. Any envelope with a December 31st postmark will be considered paid on time.

Real Estate bills are also mailed to residents on November 1st. They become delinquent at midnight December 31st.

As per Missouri Law we honor all 31st or earlier post marks as paid on time.

If you have not received your statement by the end of November please contact our office immediately. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay taxes and any penalty and interest that may apply.
Contact Us
Collector's Office Phone Number: (417) 451-8217
Collector's Office Fax Number: (417) 451-8205
Collector's Office Email:

Assessor's Office-Personal Property: (417) 451-8258
Assessor's Office-Real Estate: (417) 451-8218
County Commission: (417) 451-8201
Recorder of Deeds: (417) 451- 8225
Treasurer: (417) 451-8226
County Clerk: (417) 451-8221
Office Hours
Newton County Collector's office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 (open through the lunch hour).

The Newton County Collector's office observes state holidays.
Location & Mailing Address
Newton County Collector of Revenue
101 S. Wood, Ste 203
P.O. Box 296
Neosho, MO 64850-0296
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