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Newton County, MO


  • The prime function of the County Collector is the collection of taxes.

  • The collector must collect the taxes due as shown on the Assessor's records.

  • It is the obligation of the taxpayer to see that his property is properly described and assessed on the tax books.

  • By state law your tax obligation is established on January 1st even if you move to another state the next day, you are still taxable for the year. The law makes no provision for pro-rating the tax bill.

  • It is the current owner's responsibility for paying all taxes due on the property.

  • We cannot accept payments for incorrect amounts.

  • Partial payments are not accepted.

  • The County Collector will not be responsible should you make payment of taxes on property other than your own or omit making payment on property you own.

  • You are responsible for updating addresses in the Assessor's Office. If you fail to do this, you will be held liable for all penalties incurred.

  • Any questions or errors must be brought to the attention of the Assessor's office before payment is made.

  • The Collector of Revenue has no authority to make any changes to the tax statement without the County Assessor's intervention.